Imagine RIT: Innovation and Creativity Festival

For the last 10 years my family has not missed the Imagine RIT: Innovation and Creativity Festival. It is a great FREE, community event. You can check it out on Saturday, April 28, 2018 from 10am to 5pm.

Looking at the schedule this year, I’m interested to see the winner of the health innovation challenge where students compete for a prize for the most creative product that promotes good health. I also want to learn more about transcribing sign language to text and my daughter wants to see Quidditch be played.

There are favorite exhibits every year, such as climbing through oobleck, bicycle powered smoothies, and learning about wetland wildlife. But we always stumble upon something surprising.

Photo Credit: RIT

Last year we tried “Rip the Page,” where we made our own poetry by drawing on pages of books and cutting or ripping them apart. At first my kids looked horrified about ripping books, but quickly really got into the idea of taking something and making it their own.

We learned how to “upcycle” by taking an empty plastic bottle and turning it into a planter. We also sat in a wheelchair and navigated a typical room to see how hard it is to accomplish many everyday tasks this way and how new innovations can help. And of course we visit my husband’s exhibit to learn about black holes, gravitational waves, and astronomy. From learning about forces using a dunk tank, to using blocks to visualize chemicals there are lots of hands on math and science experiments to explore that never disappoint.

For our family, Imagine RIT is the first spring festival in Rochester and it is always great to see so many people enjoying the outdoors. About 30,000 people come to the festival each year, but it never feels crowded and we have always been able to park and move about easily.

Have you visited Imagine RIT? Tell us about your favorite exhibit in the comments section below.

Shevah Faber

Shevah Faber

Shevah grew up in the Hudson Valley country side of Columbia County before moving to the Rochester suburbs 10 years ago. She enjoys travelling and exploring with her husband and two children and volunteering at her synagogue, with the PTA, and girl scouts. Shevah is a Marketing Communication Manager at Excellus BCBS.
Shevah Faber

One thought on “Imagine RIT: Innovation and Creativity Festival

  1. Tim Murray says:
    Tim Murray

    My family LOVES Imagine RIT!! It’s amazing and inspiring! You never know what you’ll see when you turn a corner: robots, printing presses, video games, wacky inventions. It’s totally hands on. My kids always come home and immediately want to tinker, so hide your screwdrivers!

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